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非典型畫意的展覽,為什麼我們看不懂當代藝術?┃ TAP-The Art Press 藝術擴散誌Why We Just Could’t Understand Contemporary Art?


文/ 汪正翔  TEXT/ Sean Wang
翻譯/ 陳仲麟




Even me as an artist, it’s still hard to dealing with the forms of exhibitions now. So many gallery which not even inside Taiwan, but also those spaces abroad, ways that they displaying items, it’s not just simply “ hanging the painting on the wall ”. And about why we just can’t understand contemporary art, this is a tough question to answer, because everyone would have different responds on facing this problem.

Sometimes it’s because we didn’t’t get the secrets behind the scene, but other times it might just because even the creator don’t know what he’s doing. But if we turn the question into: “ Why is it more difficult to understand modern art? ” maybe we can offer you some sort of explanations.

資料照片:莊志維提供 / Italy / 2017 / Courtesy of CHUANG Chih-Wei


It is true that compare to the “ Traditional art, ” as painting or sculpture, even thought we don’t understand the technique or history, we would still felt happiness through those image which we think that is “what art supposed to look like ”. For instance people in the panting or the view.Although we wouldn’t’t say we understand these art, at least we get some directed feedback, and we won’t be so confused.

But that is what the problem lies in, the theory of “what art supposed to look like ”.

資料照片:莊志維提供 / 明斯特雕塑十年展 Sculpture Projects Münster / 2017 / Courtesy of CHUANG Chih-Wei


Advance guard: A way to break through the present situation Revolution of old art stander way before conceptual art started, artists had insist one faith, that was denied “what art supposed to looked like ” if it was on painting, it might be some carefully planned detail, if it was on music, it might be some “ perfect scale ,” that people loved it, and it would never went wrong.

This is what conceptual art want to fight about, and the most easiest reason would probably because they are all unsatisfied with main stream art, and more accurately to said, this is a mature developing path of early avant-garde art.

The best way to break this situation is denied the art stander that we now have. It’s not hard to understand, when we are not in the main flow and been a loser, we would want to revolutionized the system.


前衛:一種突破現狀的方式    推翻既有的藝術標準 


The sheer pleasure of contemporary art even dropped the way that art “ should ” look like. The more important is, concept artist think essential of art should be more pure. Compare to the artists before 1965s, they have gone so far, they abandoned the beauty and concrete which art supposed to reflect. But it’s still not enough for concept artist, from their point of view, art still have a “ way that should be ” and “ creator’s elements ” excited.




資料照片:余梓勤提供 / Taipei / 2017 / Courtesy of Yu Tzu-Chin



When art jumped out of the directed happiness through watching it, think about when we compatible with art. We all get used to talk about art in an established way, viewer can fell the artist passion through their work, or discover a pure sensory pleasure from some typical forms. We deeply believe in this, and truly think this is the basic mode that what art should be like.

But why? Why is artistic creation had to looks like art works? Why is artist had to put those elements in the work?

資料照片:余梓勤提供 / Paris / 2016 / Courtesy of Yu Tzu-Chin




Because having this suspect, Conceptual art developed so many different kinds of pieces that don’t look like art, even not having creator excited. For instance they would present a nonsense action in their studio and record it, at some point this contained the element of contemporary art.

This could explain why we cannot understand contemporary art, because they don’t want their work looks like art.

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